Principios de discusión para una conversación de seminario de The Great Connections

Una discusión colaborativa guiada Empieza “con una pregunta, los participantes deben tener el texto asignado en sus mentes y en la mesa en frente de ellos, las alocuciones deben ser educadas y receptivas, todos deben participar y respaldar sus opiniones razonadamente. El resto se desarrolla como conversaciones vivas”. Paráfrasis de Michael Strong de la descripción […]

Principles of Discussion of a Great Connections Seminar

  Principles of Discussion  for a Great Connections Seminar Conversation A Collaborative, Guided Discussion   Begin  “with a question, participants must have the assigned text in their minds and on the table in front of them, address is polite and responsive, all should participate and support their opinions with argument. The rest develops as living […]

Austrian Economist Bob Murphy Interviews Marsha Familaro Enright on School Vouchers

Austrian economist Bob Murphy talked to Marsha Familaro Enright about the reasons for her opposition to school vouchers, even though she founded, and ran the private Council Oak Montessori School for 27 years. Enright warns that they will ruin the independence of private schools. Enright also describes her work towards creating optimal higher education using […]

Capitalism is the Crucial Protector of the Smallest Minority

This piece was originally published by Real Clear Markets on May 15, 2019. For decades, leftists have championed socialism while ignoring its mountains of skulls, from Russia to Venezuela. They dismiss The Black Book of Communism, a careful tally of the 60-plus million deaths resulting from the deliberate actions of socialist regimes. Some socialist-leaning people […]

Schools for Individualists – Montessori’s Methods and Today’s Problems

Marsha Familaro Enright Interview – Schools for Individualists In this 2007 interview by Sara Pentz in The New Individualist (link above), Ms. Enright explains fundamentals of excellent education, the ingenious ways the Montessori Method gives students what they need, how we arrived at the dismal state of education we have today, the dire effects of […]